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Facility Maintenance Performed By Craftsmen

What We Do


Our expertise covers the majority of maintenance needs for your business. We are experts on structural repairs from floors to ceilings with everything in between, both inside and outside the store.


Your store needs a problem solved and we specialize in solving those problems. Once dispatched, our team assigns our best technician in your area to evaluate the problem and work to find a solution.


For quick fixes, our technicians can solve problems on the spot. For the more complicated problems, we propose solutions, working with you to find the right fix for your store.


Who We Are


We have been solving facility maintenance problems for more than 20 years. Our relationships with the same clients have lasted for many years with more than 8,000 stores. This reputation of respect for our clients reaches more than 50 national brands, and we pride ourselves on listening to client concerns, from store employees all the way up to the executive level.


Every interaction with our team starts with respect. We believe respecting our clients, our technicians, and our partners leads to relationships of trust. Together, trust and respect are the foundation that allows us to solve the most difficult problems. Our history of reliable business has helped us maintain these relationships for more than 20 years.


Our general contractor has 50 years of experience in all types of construction. Our general contractor/draftsperson visualizes elegant solutions. Our operations expert specializes in solving each problem with the highest respect for each client’s needs. Our property manager has experience with the issues facing facilities management.


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Tel: 888-668-2830

Fax: 866-929-4144

700 Gemstone Tr

DeLand, FL 32724


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